123.hp.com/setup - setup and installation of HP printer

To setup hp printer visit 123.hp.com/setup and complete instructions and guidance from unpacking the printer to efficient printing. An important process after a printer purchase is to complete the setup process. Basically, this printer setup process includes hardware and the software setup.

Steps to setup HP printer

When you purchase the new hp printer, unpack the printer from the box. Follow the step by step instructions for First Time HP printer setup.

  • Unbox the printer
  • Take out the power cable. Then, connect it to the printer and power source to establish a power connection.
  • Now, turn on the HP printer to proceed further.
  • After inserting the paper, Install the 123.hp.com ink cartridges on the respective slots.

How to download and install printer drivers of HP printer at 123.hp.com/setup

  1. Turn on your computer and HP printer
  2. Visit 123.hp.com/setup
  3. Type the model number on the space provide
  4. Select the printer driver and click
  5. Click on download button
  6. Go to the downloaded folder and run the software file to install the drivers

How to install HP driver in windows?

hp printer setup

  • Download and launch the HP printer assistant software on your Windows computer.
  • Utilize the HP printer assistant software for doing the printing function, verifying the ink levels, and more.
  • Power On your HP printer. If you have plugged the USB cord, disconnect it.
  • Visit the 123hp.com
  • Select the name of your HP printer.
  • Change the operating system version if needed and choose HP Driver Download that is available on the Drivers tab.
  • Click the type of installation as recommended or typical when prompted by windows installer.
  • The required full feature driver for your HP printer is searched and installed by the HP printer assistant software automatically.

How to install HP driver in Mac?

  • Download and install the HP printer setup software on your Mac Personal Computer.
  • Switch On your HP printer and if it is linked to the Mac device using a USB cable, unplug it.
  • Open any web browser on your Mac system and then go to the manufacturer’s website.
  • Select the model of your HP printer and click the type of OS.
  • Choose the HP Driver Download option that is available next to HP Easy Start.
  • Now open the Downloaded file on your Mac computer and double-click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen procedures to set up the driver for your HP printer. If prompted, add the name of your HP printer to the list.
  • Move to the HP Installer window on your desktop to end the hp driver install process.